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9月14日下午3点,本期直播间将迎来了这位重量级嘉宾做客一灯,他是Permission的首席执行官兼创始人Charles Silver,并于下午为一灯社区用户以及其他投资者带来了精彩的分享!


Jacky:欢迎大家来到本期一灯社区AMA直播间,我是主持人Jacky!今天有一位新嘉宾做客一灯社区——Permission的首席执行官兼创始人Charles Silver!首先请Charles来跟我们自我介绍下。

Welcome Charles Silver, CEO & Founder of Permission. Could you please give us a brief introduction of yourself?

Charles:Hello Everyone. My name is Charlie Silver, CEO and founder of Permission. I am glad to be here and share our project with you. My career has been in finance and technology. I’m also the co-founder of Reality Shares, an SEC registered investment adviser with five NASDAQ and NYSE-traded ETFs, as well as co-founder of BlockForce Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund. Prior to founding Permission, I’ve had two very successful exits and have a deep understanding of how to build a winning team. My last company had over 60 million users, and I sold it for over 100 million dollars.

大家好,我是Charlie Silver,Permission的首席执行官和创始人。很高兴可以在这里跟大家分享我们的项目。 我一直从事金融和科技领域。 除此之外,我还是Reality Shares的联合创始人,是SEC在美国纳斯达克和纽约证交所交易的5只ETF的SEC注册投资顾问,还是加密货币对冲基金BlockForce Capital的联合创始人。 建立Permission之前,我有两次非常成功的创业经历,并对如何组建一支成功的团队有深入的了解。我的上一家公司拥有超过6000万用户,最终以超过1亿美元的价格将其出售。

Jacky:再次感谢Charles的到来。在访问正式开始之前,先走一波直播福利。现在扫码注册Permission就送250ASK,大家赶快扫码参与吧。Permission为庆祝16日上Bithumb Global, 今天注册即奖励250ASK,然而平时注册只奖励100ASK,所以大家要抓紧机会哦!官网链接:https://permission.io/zh/ 点击链接,注册参与活动哦~

(Bithumb Global官方公告)

(Bithumb Global官方发推)


Phase 2 Q&A Session

问题1:之前有新闻表示,科银中国Collinstar China有投资Permission。请问下Charles,能否Permission能否给我们介绍下Permission背后的投资机构么?以及后续有融资相关的计划吗?

The news report said that Collinstar China has invested Permission, can i ask Charles to introduce more investors who have invested permission? and any further fund raising plan?

Charles:To date, in addition to Colllinstar, the company has been supported by professional blockchain investors, including Eric Ervin of Blockforce Capital and Richard Li of Certus.One and Alphablock Investments, and a number of whales.

迄今为止,除了科银中国,Permission获得了众多重磅专业区块链投资者的支持,包括Blockforce Capital的Eric Ervin和Certus.One的Richard Li,Alphablock投资公司,以及其他一些投资界举足轻重的人物。

We have done a Series A and B equity round. As the business model expands ,we will do a Series C equity round with world class investors.



There is quite a lot of news about Permission recently, please introduce “what is Permission” and the reason why you build it ?

Charles:Permission.io’s mission is dedicated to helping individuals be compensated for their time and data while engaging in e-Commerce. Web 2.0’s business model is driven by tech giants who harvest and profit from our data when we shop or search for products online.

Permission.io的使命也是我们创建这个项目的初衷,是致力于帮助个人在电子商务活动中获得时间和数据方面的补偿。 Web 2.0的商业模式由技术巨头驱动。这些科技巨头在我们在线购物或搜索商品时获取我们的数据并从中获利。

Permission is about changing that model. We want to make sure that individuals receive value for their time and data in Web 3.0. That is why we are creating opportunities for people to share their data and earn our cryptocurrency, ASK, while engaging in eCommerce.

Permission.io致力于改变这种方式。 我们要确保个人在Web 3.0中能从自己的时间和数据中获得价值。这就是为什么我们为人们创造机会在电子商务和其他场景下赚取我们的代币ASK。


There are some e-commerce blockchain project ,could you please explain why your project starting from e-commerce?

Charles:Permission aims to return the ownership of time and data to individuals. Why does Permission enter the e-commerce market?

e-commerce advertising amounts to roughly 40% of all digital advertising spend, and is rapidly increasing with Covid-19. With so much competition for consumers’ time and data, retailers that engage customers on their own terms differentiate themselves and see increased loyalty and ROI.


Our simple-to-use coin helps retailers ask permission to engage. We make it easy for buyers to grant permission and for advertisers to offer rewards for buyers’ time and data while viewing advertisements, product videos and other branded content.



What is the most strength or differentiation of permission.io ?

Charles:Our core strength is our technology. Data algebra’s ability to liquify data into mathematics across different data bases and sources allows individuals to build a personal database that can then be permissioned and monetized in multiple platforms.


This is a major problem in Ecommerce and Advertising – there are so many different databases and you cannot utilize all the data on different databases because they have different coding languages – until now.


Permission.io’s data algebra allows us to integrate data from all data bases – search, shopping, social, etc. -and this allows our token to work across all platforms, APIs, browsers and ecosystems. Not just using ONE browser, like BAT token uses only one browser BRAVE. Permission can operate across all browsers and platforms. Permission.io’s technology, Data algebra enables people to really own and monetize their data across the entire global digital ecosystem.


For retailers, we can provide superior datasets that are integrated and permissioned. This allows retailers to target the richest data set possible, leading to significantly better ad campaigns and increased return on advertising dollars.


We run an independent, Permission blockchain, which enables speed and transparency of transactions. For example, BAT is an ERC-20 that gets bogged down by gas costs and lacks transparency about when earning events occur. All of our business model innovations are focused on making crypto easy to earn, use and spend.

我们运行一个独立的Permission区块链,以实现交易的速度和透明度。 BAT (注意力币)是一个基于ERC-20的通证,由于Gas费用过高、赚取通证缺乏透明度等而陷入困境。我们所有的商业模式创新都致力于使通证更易于赚取、使用和花费。

Another distinction is our mature, well-seasoned, executive team, many of whom have built companies for decades with multiple exits.


问题5: 电子商务平台发展的最大阻碍应该主要是用户和企业的一些信任问题难以解决,针对这一难题Permission是怎么处理的呢?

The biggest obstacle to the development of e-commerce platform should mainly be the difficulty of solving some trust problems between users and enterprises. How does Permission deal with this problem?

Charles:Data is now the backbone of the digital economy and consumer trust is fundamental to customer relationships. Regulations like Europe’s GDPR and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) are just two examples of protections aimed at safeguarding user data. We have created the best solution by enabling the asking and granting of permission for the use of data. We believe establishing trust with the consumer requires making it clear how data will be utilized, compensating them for that data with a trusted currency, and then respecting those agreements.



for E commerce, platform liquidity is really important, how could aadvertisers, individuals and content providers benefit from Permission’s economic model?

Charles:individuals profit from sharing data and by engaging with advertisements throughout the shopping experience.


Advertisers profit and increase ROI by targeting precisely and transparently, building long-term customer loyalty and trust.


Content providers profit from targeting users who volunteer to receive their ads.



The token economy design and incentive will be really important, could Charles please share with us how to design permission.io‘s token economy?

Charles:It starts with individual members that are attracted to our mission and platform. As individuals come on board, advertisers will seek to reach them on a permission basis. Additionally, eCommerce vendors and others who transact online will want to use ASK to drive conversions. Working with payments companies and other retailers about expanding the acceptance of ASK will fuel the economy as well.

它从吸引契合我们使命和平台的个人成员开始。 随着个人的加入,广告商将寻求在允许的基础上与他们取得联系。 此外,电子商务供应商和其他在线交易者将希望使用ASK促成转化。 Permission与支付公司和其他零售商合作,以扩大对ASK的接受度,也将推动经济发展。


Till now, is there any landed application?

Charles:Permission.io recently announced its core application that serves as entry to the Permission platform. Users can sign up to become Permission members and begin earning ASK for watching product videos and engaging with branded content while shopping 10,000+ products.


Users also earn for providing profile data and for referring friends, amongst other activities. The application will demonstrate how eCommerce retailers can drive conversions by rewarding consumers with ASK for the ongoing sharing of

data along the buying journey.


Permission has signed a deal with Coinpayment making ASK available to be used by over 4000 merchants. In addition, Permission can also accept payment by Bitcoin & ETH.



Due to COVID-19, the global economy is still recovering. How do you see the coming market of the crypto industry? and DeFi is popular now, any connection between Permission and DeFi?

Charles:I think the crypto industry is going to accelerate. After all, crypto was created as a result of the financial crisis in 2008 when central banks around the world printed money to avoid a crisis.

我认为加密产业将加速发展。 毕竟,加密货币是由于2008年金融危机而创建的,当时世界各地的中央银行为了避免危机不断印制钞票。

Today’s crisis with Covid-19, we are seeing multiples of the level of money printing we saw in 2008, which will only enhance the interest and adoption of cryptocurrency.


Yes Defi is hot. Our plans are to have an ERC-20 wrapper so people can yield farm with ASK.



From token economy to real user cases, Permission has a very clear development picture. What about the roadmap for the second half year of 2020  and in the future?

Charles:We have just launched Version 1.0 of an application that allows members to earn from their data while shopping, viewing videos, clicking on advertisements, and interacting with retailers.


By the end of Q4, we will release a browser extension and the plugins for e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Volusion. This enables the over 5M independent operators on these platforms to gain new customers and increase their sales by rewarding consumers for data and incentivizing behavior with ASK.

到第四季度末,我们将发布扩展浏览器和电子商务平台的插件,包括Shopify、Magento、WooCommerce、Big commerce和Volusion。这会让这些平台上超过500万的独立运营商能够通过使用ASK奖励消费者的数据、激励消费者的行为,从而获得新的客户并增加他们的销售额。

Permission’s vision is to make ASK a primary advertising option for eCommerce retailers. Retailers that deploy our plugin and use ASK to engage customers will drive conversions and increase sales.


The plugin distribution will create a network effect of attracting both advertisers and users via a novel channel that will push awareness and adoption of ASK to become a global crypto rewards program working and thriving outside of the Permission Platform.



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