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Can you please introduce yourself? 


Of course! I can give a short introduction for you and your community.

My name is Luka and I’m the lead blockchain developer at Vox Finance. I have a background in finance and money, which I’ve studied at university, and for the last few years I’ve worked for financial institutions in Europe as a smart contracts programmer, where we’ve worked on bringing traditional financial products to the blockchain. Otherwise, I’ve been a crypto-enthusiast since 2016 when I started with a crypto mining farm. We teamed up with my colleague Jure to create something new in the DeFi space.


我叫Luka,是Vox Finance的首席区块链开发人员。我在大学期间就读过金融和金钱方面的背景知识,最近几年我在欧洲的金融机构工作,担任过智能合约程序员,我们致力于将传统的金融产品引入区块链。



Can you give us a short overview of your project, Vox Finance?

您能否简要介绍一下您的项目Vox Finance?

Our project is about bringing a professional and clean approach to yield-farming, staking, community governance, vault strategies and more interesting DeFi products. We’re a project focused on the community and engagement with our members. We want to bring the best possible DeFi platform to the masses with good tokenomics, high-quality services and the most secure platform standards.

We’re also looking to set up a new stablecoin platform that will allow users to earn interest on their stablecoin deposits and make 1:1 swaps with other assets. We will also be enabling lending & borrowing features, so we’re very excited for that!




 We know that VOX is 1 month old now and with a lot of success stories around it, can you tell us the challenges during this one month of VOX development. What were some of the challenges you’ve faced?


It has of course been hard to keep up with the demand of the community, but we’re working almost all the time to bring the most what we can for our community. I think the real challenge is to continuously be in touch with the project users themselves while also continuing to develop in the background.

That, connected with marketing efforts, AMAs and reaching a wider audience can be quite a difficult task. I think what sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we’ve always delivered on what we promised and we are being completely transparent to the members of our project.




What are the top most reasons one should believe in VOX to be a long term solution towards the decentralized finance ecosystem?


We believe we’ve created a good token economy to allow for our project to grow steadily and organically. With our low token supply, low daily minting amount and mechanisms to keep the circulating supply low, we’ve created a “sustainable” economic system which we think is the base for our success. That, connected with the features we already enable, such as yield-farming, staking, community governance, vaults and in the near future also a stablecoin platform, provide a very good use-case for our token short-term and long-term.



What are some of the key features of Vox Finance and how is it something entirely new or an enhancement to an existing solution?

Vox Finance的主要功能是什么?它是全新的技术实现还是对现有基础的增强?

As stated on our website https://vox.finance, VOX is all about our community. The main goal is: »You will be able to share your input and help fashion the future of the token’s ecosystem«.

We don’t just want to build another DAO, but an entire governance platform where VOX stakeholders (in our staking pool) have many benefits for joining the governance system.

We’ll be offering private staking pools, voting rights and a full governance forum to share, discuss, propose and comment on new community incentives and ideas. We’ll reward top contributors with complimentary VOX rewards so that we can really get a big community engagement. We don’t just want to build a DAO platform and say – that’s it. We want real talk between real contributors.

We also have a very unique tokenomics model, but I’m sure you will ask more about that shortly.






How does the tokenomics developed by the Vox Finance team help investors in gaining profits long term?

Vox Finance团队开发的通证经济如何帮助投资者长期获取利润?

Our main strategy to make the VOX token more valuable is the tokenomics model. We’re producing low amounts of VOX tokens on every block. Currently we’re minting 57 VOX per day. This will be cut by a percentage of around 25,0 % – 45,0 % every 2 weeks to keep inflation going down starting on 01.11.2020.

We also have a 2,0 % burn rate on all transactions. We’re trying to achieve an ecosystem where we can have both minting and burning – effectively always rewarding stakers and yield farmers while keeping a max supply of 4250 tokens.

This means that our circulating supply is always very low and allows for a »stable« price to form. At least that is our experiment and so far it is going good.

Tomorrow on 01.11.2020, the first emission cut will take place where we will increase the burn rate to 3,0 % and the mint rate will be decreased by 25,0 %.

我们使VOX Token更有价值的主要策略是通证模型。我们会在每个区块上生成少量的VOX Token 目前,我们每天产出57个VOX,每两周将减少约25.0%-45.0%的百分比,以使通胀从2020年11月1日开始下降。

我们在所有交易中的销毁率也均为2.0%。我们正在努力建立一个既可以生产币又可以销毁的生态系统,以便有效地在奖励者收获利益并yield farmers的同时,保持为4250个Token的最大供应量。




What coins is it possible to stake on the VOX platform?


Right now it’s possible to join the liquidity mining pools with ETH-VOX and USDC-VOX pairs from Uniswap.

It’s also possible to stake VOX tokens to earn staking rewards and as a stakeholder you have the privilege to join private staking pools which pay out additional rewards in WBTC and YCURVE.

We’ve also just launched our vaults platform which allows you to deposit stablecoins and wrapped bitcoin tokens to earn interest as well as additional VOX rewards.



我们还刚刚启动了金库平台,该平台使您可以存入稳定币和WBTC Token以赚取利息以及额外的VOX奖励。


Do two different tokens in the Vox Finance ecosystem (VOX and POPULI) have the same function and role? Where can users get Populi tokens? Can you please tell us what is the relationship between these two tokens?

Vox Finance生态系统中的两个不同的Token(VOX和POPULI)是否具有相同的功能和作用?用户在哪里可以得到Populi Token?您能告诉我们这两个Token之间的关系是什么吗?

VOX is our native token which is tradable on exchanges. Once you put it into our staking pool you will receive POPULI governance tokens in the same amount as your deposited VOX in a 1:1 ratio. As a stakeholder, POPULI gives you permission to write, comment and vote on proposals that are published on our governance forum. You can also stake Populi in our private pools and receive some extra rewards – like WETH, WBTC, YCURVE and many more in the future!

VOX是我们的原生Token,可在交易所交易。一旦将其放入我们的质押池,您将以1:1的比例收到与您所存VOX相同数量的POPULI治理Token。作为利益相关者,POPULI允许您对在我们的治理论坛上发布的建议进行撰写,评论和投票。您还可以在我们的私人池中投入Populi Token并获得一些额外的奖励,例如WETH,WBTC,YCURVE以及将来的更多奖励!


What does Vox Finance plan to achieve by the end of this year?

Vox Finance计划在今年年底之前实现什么目标?

We’ve done everything on our roadmap as planned so far. We’ve launched our staking platform and farming platform on launch. We’ve done two audits, opened our governance platform and just launched our vault strategies, where users can earn interest on deposits which have no risks of impermanent loss! After that we’ll go forward with our plans according to the roadmap. I’m sure we’ll be able to do most things before the scheduled date.

In two weeks we will launch our own vault strategies and after that the full focus is on the stablecoin platform that will combine swaps, lending and borrowing all under one common platform.

And with the end of this year we’re planning to bring our entire platform to a mobile app. That means the entire power of DeFi in one application that you can access from anywhere. Farming, staking, governance, vaults, stablecoin lending and borrowing. It’s going to be the biggest development in our product roadmap and we’re more than excited to bring it to the market. Once we set up all our other features it will take all of our focus and we hope that we’ll be able to produce something truly unique.





With a very small current circulating supply, are you not afraid that a large number of coins will end up in the same hands?


No, we’re actually not afraid of that and our token distribution is actually very, very fair. I think our small pre-sale and fair launch is the most important factor for building that. We have so many new investors every day and they’re helping us build a truly decentralized and diverse token holder portfolio.



Truly it is convenient to use apps and platforms on our mobile devices. Does VOX Finance have any plans to launch a mobile app in the future? 

VOX Finance将来是否有计划推出APP使用?

Yes! We’re going to release a full mobile application with a planned release date at the end of this year/start of next year. We will combine all features of our platform under one roof where we will allow all our users to access yield-farming, staking, governance, vault strategies and a stablecoin platform all in one mobile platform accessible from everywhere.

是的! 我们将发布完整的移动应用程序,并计划在今年年底或明年年初发布。我们将把平台的所有功能整合到一个,使所有用户都可以在一个可从任何地方访问的移动平台中访问yield-farming,质押,治理,金库策略和稳定币平台。



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