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《Le Bond Finance,实体资产和GameFi要如何赋能NFT生态?》

简介:Le Bond Finance 为全球不动产类 NFT 项目,着力打造世界首创的全球不动产区块链交易平台。通过引入去中心化金融(DeFi)生态,GameFi玩法及数字化信用体系机制,改变实体资产流通交易形式与价值实现模式,使用户可享受便捷的全球资产流通以及链上借贷等一系列金融衍生品服务。

12月9号,Le Bond Finance创始人Kenny Chai受邀参与了Virgox组织的线上AMA,此处为AMA实录:

主持人Hi Kenny Nice to meet you! Lets get started!Thank you to join the VirgoX AMA today.We have invited the Co Founder of Le Bond Finance – Kenny and VirgoX CEO Adam to join us Today.Welcome Kenny and Adam! Le Bond is a new NFT project that gonna do pre-sale on VirgoX. Today we are glad to bring both VirgoX Founder and Le Bond Finance Founder to an AMA.

嗨大家好,今天我们邀请了Le Bond Finance的联合创始人-肯尼(Kenny)和VirgoX首席执行官亚当(Adam)参与我们的AMA。欢迎肯尼(Kenny)和亚当(Adam)! Le Bond是一个新的NFT项目,将在VirgoX上进行预售。

Kenny: A slight introduction of myself, I’m Kenny from Singapore. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I had travel china, Malaysia, hongkong and macau dealing with IT and property business.I believe in putting ideas into reality. The keywords to my current career is action and innovation.Currently we are the first property developer to re-innovate commercial building into high end cutting edge smart building. We are using clean energy technology and had been acknowledge by Singapore government in our designs. We also launch a fin-tech platform that help smart building with human resource management with payment feature addin. Using this as a base, bond token is launch to aid this technology. I am proud to introduce lebond finance to everyone.

我简单做个自我简介,我是来自新加坡的Kenny。我曾在中国,马来西亚,香港和澳门从事IT和房地产业务。我的职业理念是将想法变为现实,并持续保持行动力和创新性。目前,我们是第一家将商业建筑重新创新为高端尖端智能建筑的新加坡房地产开发商。我们通过清洁能源技术等创新技术,在业内得到了新加坡政府的认可和支持。我们还启动了一个金融科技平台,该平台可通过带有支付功能插件的人力资源管理来帮助智能建筑。以此为基础,我们发行了BOND来赋能这个平台。我为向所有人介绍Le bond Finance而感到自豪。

AdamHey everyone, thank you for joining us a new series of AMA with Le Bond Finance fonder Kenny. For today’s session, you will be able to see a very interesting combination of NFT token supported by real life property.  Kenny has tremendous experience in the real estate market and has a solid understanding of financial markets . It is excited for us to 主持人 Kenny here for today’s AMA. Please also pay attention to our Le Bond token Pre-sale starting in less than 24 hours. The Presale is the first of its kind for Le Bond Project. It will also be listed with us first in the middle of December.

大家好,谢谢Le Bond Finance创始人Kenny参与我们的AMA。 在今天的会议中,您将能够看到现实资产和NFT非常有趣的结合。Kenny在房地产市场上拥有丰富的经验,对金融市场有扎实的了解。我们很高兴今天在这里介绍这个项目。我们的BOND代币预售会在不到24小时内开始。 这是Le Bond项目的首次预售。它还将于12月中旬上线我们交易所。

主持人The second question here will be more on the project, Why Lebond Finance select Real Estate to be its target?这里的第二个问题将更多地放在该项目上,为什么Lebond Finance选择房地产行业作为目标呢?

Kenny CSure! Actually that’s greatly due to our line of work and experience, allow me to explain:


We had been working on property and international IT business for more than 10 years. We had vas contacts in Singapore, Malaysia, China, hongkong and Macau. Turning concept into business is what we do. As Akira Mori said:”in my experience, in the real estate business pass success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business modes”. That’s why we combine blockchain and real estate business together.

我们从事房地产和国际IT业务已超过10年。我们在新加坡,马来西亚,中国,香港和澳门都有很多的合作伙伴。将概念变成业务是我们的核心竞争点。正如房地产巨鳄Akira Mori 所言:“以我的经验,在房地产行业中,成功案例通常不适用于新情况。我们必须不断重塑自我,以创新的新商业模式应对瞬息万变的时代。”因此,我们将区块链和房地产业务结合在一起。

And also Real estate in Singapore had been on a healthy track. CBRE data shows that in 2019, capital flight from mainland China and hongkong led to surge in cross border  capital transaction in Singapore, during transaction volume to 4.9Billion usd in 2nd half of the year. Up from 73%. Comparing rental ratio, Singapore Tokyo, hongkong and Beijing are still the most expensive cities in Asia region. Singapore rose the most (6.9%) vs Tokyo(3.7%) and Beijing (stagnant)


We believe that I order to make one thing work, first you had to have strength and resources in the region, combining with the correct resources and direction. That’s how Lebond finance is bond.


主持人: The data is impressive! and also I agree. In order to make one thing work, you had to have strength and resource in the region! So lets come with our Fourth question, we all know that a lot of NFT products rising in the market right now. Whats the difference that make Lebond Finance Stand Out?

数据令人印象深刻!我也同意。为了使一件事起作用,您必须在该地区拥有实力和资源!因此,让我们提出第四个问题,我们都知道现在市场上有很多NFT产品在崛起。 让Lebond Finance脱颖而出的区别是什么?

Kenny C: NFT is now regarded as a digitalised ownership of an art but it has no impact beyond that while the most prominent and real problem we solved is to “Give NFT Utility”. We want to create something addressing users’ need while bring the obscure blockchain to simple but useful and fun apps, only a few clicks away.

NFT现在被广泛视为艺术品数字化凭证,但除此之外,它貌似没有其他用处,而我们解决的最突出,最真实的问题是“给NFT赋予真正的实际价值”。 我们希望创造一些满足用户需求的东西,同时将隐晦的区块链带到简单但有用且有趣的应用程序中,可能只需单击几下即可。

Le Bond Finance is designed to provide liquidity for the property market. Aiming to be the first NFT platform to serve the real estate market, we use decentralized financial model (DeFi) to tokenize property projects.

Le Bond Finance旨在为房地产市场提供流动性。 致力于成为第一个服务于房地产市场的NFT平台,我们使用去中心化金融(DeFi)对房地产项目进行了代币化。

As for the advantages over other NFT projects, we would take it into two parts:


  1. Tangible backed asset is the key advantage. In the current NFT market, most of the project only had projected value base on their “limited quantity” which doesn’t provide any real collective purpose.

1.有形资产是关键优势。 在当前的NFT市场中,大多数项目的价值仅靠所谓的“稀缺性”,而不提供实际真正价值。

Le Bond Finance used Singapore financial tower with valuation of 50 million USD as baseline to issue Le Bond NFT, Lux Card. Lux card can enjoy both on chain growth as well as CBD asset class dividend payout.

Le Bond Finance以一栋新加坡商业CBD(估值为5000万美元)为基准发行Le Bond NFT,Lux Card。Lux卡可以享受代币增值以及CBD资产类别的股息派发。

  1. Innovation is the key to success. We combine our Bond Token with NFT Lux card, their interchange relationship will boost each other value, increasing each other demand and limit supply cap.

2.创新是成功的关键。 我们将BOND代币与NFT LuxnCard结合使用,它们的互联关系将赋能彼此的价值,在有限供应上线之后,彼此增加需求。

While we enabled Mining, Auction and Trading for an NFT, so its utility goes beyond just ownership.

Our whole team believes in “Blockchain for Good” and has a track record of delivering applications that gains mass adoption.



主持人: Sounds good! I believe we can see that Lebond Finance is prepared to be one of the best project!

We know that Lebond Finance is coming to VirgoX around mid December, What’s the future listing plan and road map for LeBond Finance?听起来不错! 我相信我们可以看到Lebond Finance准备成为最好的项目之一!

我们知道Lebond Finance将于12月中旬左右上线VirgoX,LeBond Finance的未来上所计划和路线图是什么?

Kenny CFor the roadmap, we’d love to focus on our tokenomics perfection and promotion first. That’s part of the key how this GameFi can finally work.  对于路线图,我们首先会先专注在我们经济模型的完善和推广上。这是GameFi最终是否能玩得转的关键因素。

Basically, People can get involved with 2 parts.


1. Stake to Play (S2P)

user simply stake BOND into BOND POOL to get 2 types of rewards.

  1. Stake to Play(S2P)质押挖矿


A. BOND token, 50% of the total supply will be used for this reward. Daily max staking reward reward is fixed at 150,000 BOND

B. Lux Card (NFT), Daily generating 15 NFT cards to reward staking user, regardless of stake amount

A. BOND代币,总供应量的50%将用于此奖励。 每日奖励释放为150,000 BOND

B. Lux Card(NFT),每天生成15张NFT卡以奖励Stake白名单用户,跟质押多少没有关系

– 2. NFT Mining

Lux Card (NFT) is the proof of eligibility for CBD asset dividend payout. User can buy, sell or trade it (on our own marketplace). For users that own it shall be able to receive up to 20% of Le Bond Tower dividend payout. Lux Card series will add in branded merchant name as indicators, they will be differentiate into Common, Rare, Epic types of card. The different of each card only affects NFT mining rate, payout of Le Bond Tower dividend however will be same rate through regardless the types of card.

-2. NFT挖矿

Lux Card(NFT)是CBD资产每年利润分红资格的证明。用户可以在我们自己的市场上购买,出售或交易Lux Card,对于持有用户来说,最高可以获得20%的商业分红。 Lux Card系列将以入驻CBD的品牌方命名具体Lux Card,Lux Card将分为普通卡,稀有卡,史诗卡。每张卡的不同只会影响NFT的开采率,无论何种卡类型,Le Bond Tower的分红都是相同的。

Common: 1

Rare: 1.2

Epic: 2

Bond NFT Mining (NM) is designed reward user for long term holding. Total quantity of 5%, 15,000 BOND daily will be reward to holders.

Bond NFT Mining(NM)是为长期持有NFT卡牌用户设计的奖励。奖励总额为5%,每天15,000 BOND。

– 3. Lux Card Booster

– 3. Lux Card 加速包

User that holds “B”, “O”, “N”, “D” combination can activate the booster effect. The S2P mining rewards will double in 24 hours (max cap at daily total cap 15%)

持有“ B”,“ O”,“ N”,“ D”组合的用户可以点击加速其挖矿过程。加速表现形式为S2P挖矿奖励将在24小时内翻倍(最高限额为每日总额的15%)

After acceleration, the used Lux Card will be destroyed. Other rules of Lux Booster will be release at later stage.

加速后,用过的Lux卡将被销毁。 Lux Booster的其他规则将在稍后阶段发布。

As for the exchanges, we would be really grateful for the support of Virgox and Virgox will be the first batch of your listing exchanges, the others will be announced later. All I can say is that we are pushing it forward right now. And you guys can definitely see a good result from it!


主持人: Wow that’s something really interesting! Looking forward to see all of that! So that’s the end of our first part! The second part is questions we collected from twitter.


First question from Twitter user Lopyou @Lopyou54804819

what makes #Lebond_Finance more unique and superior that no other project has?

Twitter用户Lopyou的第一个问题@ Lopyou54804819


Kenny C : As I mentioned before, Le Bond Finance is the first NFT project backed by real asset and also a project with GameFi. Those two design makes Le Bond Finance a gem in NFT sphere. 正如我之前提到的,Le Bond Finance是第一个由实物资产支持的NFT项目,也是一个融合了GameFi玩法的项目。这两个设计使Le Bond Finance成为NFT领域的一个珍宝。

Besides, Le Bond Finance had partner up with Singapore property development firm, Blue Sun Holdings in using Le Bond Tower (10 story CBD building, Singapore first clean energy and IOT base high tech management system, located at MacPherson Road and Upper Paya Lebar Road) to tokenise using NFT design. More of our partners at the following: Envision digital, SENE, ST Engineering, Porsche, Pomeroy Studio, Pinata, Openlaw,etc.

此外,Le Bond Finance与新加坡房地产开发公司Blue Sun Holdings合作使用Le Bond Tower(位于MacPherson Road和Upper Paya Lebar Road的10层CBD大楼,新加坡首个清洁能源和物联网基础的高科技管理系统) 使用NFT设计进行代币化。 以下是我们更多的合作伙伴:Envision digital,SENE,ST Engineering,Porsche,Pomeroy Studio,Pinata,Openlaw等。

As you can see, we are a really solid team here to make it work. Hopefully that answer your question @sss00002018

如您所见,我们是一支非常扎实的团队。希望能回答您的问题@ sss00002018

主持人: Wow we can see a lot of huge name here! Partners are always important! Definitely, solid partners will help a project to stand out! So next question from Liliana@zeart0102

What are your plans to place for global adoption and expansion? Is lebond finance focusing only on the market or focusing on developing the concept of the project?

哇,我们在这里可以看到很多名字!合作伙伴永远很重要!毫无疑问,扎实的合作伙伴将帮助项目脱颖而出!所以下一个问题来自Liliana @ zeart0102您对全球采用和扩展有何计划? Lebond Finance是仅专注于市场还是专注于开发项目的概念?

Kenny C: This is a very interesting question !The key is focus in these 3 aspect: Government, community and business model这是一个非常有趣的问题!关键是关注这三个方面:政府,社区和商业模式

Government is the biggest support in both publicity and local connection in Singapore. They also gave a lot of advise to speed up our development process政府是指新加坡给了我们很好的条件和土壤。他们还提供了很多建议以加快我们的开发过程。

Community (both local and global partners) are our next key aspect. We actually LISTEN to what the market wants. 社区(本地和全球合作伙伴)是我们的下一个关键方面。 我们实际上是在吸取市场需求。

Business model is the key to glue everything together. As Steve job said, it’s all about connecting the dots together.商业模型是将所有内容粘合在一起的关键。正如史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Job)所说,其关键在于将所有的点联合在一起。

Le Bond Finance definitely aims for international market! For us, marketing and developing are both important. Get real asset into Le Bond ecosystem and NFT + GameFi just for version one. Le Bond Finance绝对瞄准国际市场!对于我们来说,营销和发展都至关重要。仅针对第一版,即可将真实资产纳入Le Bond生态系统,再融合GameFi的玩法。

For our ultimate goals, we’d love to solve the following problems :


  1. Real estate investment becomes small and transparent. The transaction amount of traditional real estate is relatively large. Le Bond Finance will fragment the real estate usufruct, and each person will hold the on-chain credential (NFT), which will significantly reduce the investment threshold for investors.

(1) 不动产投资小额化、透明化。传统房地产的交易金额都比较大,Le Bond Finance 将把不动产收益权碎片化,每个人持有链上凭证(NFT),大大降低了投资人对于标的的投资门槛。

  1. Globalization of real estate transactions. Users do not need to be responsible for property purchase qualifications, taxation, laws, and other miscellaneous businesses, but the platform is responsible for the audit. Users can experience global real estate transactions, where users’ dividends will be supervised by lawyers and automatically executed through OpenLaw. After the project is listed, the liquidity of the products will improve greatly.

(2) 不动产交易全球化。用户无需负责房产购买资历,税务,法律等繁杂业务,而是全权平台负责审核,用

户简单体验全球不动产一站式交易,其中用户分红权益将受到律师所监督并且通过OpenLaw 自动执行。


  1. Real estate information becomes transparent. All transactions are recorded in detail on the blockchain. So, the entire transaction is made clear through authorized and accessible distributed ledgers. Global users will find it convenient to store the project operating details through Pinata permanently.

(3) 不动产信息透明化。所有交易透过区块链详细记录,经授权可查阅的账本让整个交易链一目了然,项目

运营细则将通过Pinata 进行永久存储,方便全球用户存储共享。

  1. Real estate composite assets & on-chain lending. In addition to the transaction, Le Bond Finance will launch the entity asset lending program, where mortgaging the real estate can lend a certain amount of cryptocurrency. The physical assets can genuinely realize the on-chain finance and the on-chain/off-chain interactive loop.
  1. 不动产合成资产&链上借贷。 除了购买和交易功能,Le Bond Finance 将会上线实体资产借贷功能, 抵押房产,可以借出一定比例的主流数字货币,让真实资产真正赋能链上金融,完成链上链下互动金融闭 环。
  2. Not only real estate but real assets worldwide. After removing the intermediary agent or complicated procedures, many real assets, such as the film and television copyrights, music copyrights, etc., can be directly brought into the DeFi scenarios through Le Bond Finance to complete the handover between fundraisers and the investors.

(5) 不只是不动产,而是全球真实资产。除了不动产之外,诸多真实资产包括影视版权,音乐版权等,去除 银行中间层以及繁琐流程,直接通过 Le Bond Finance 将真实资产带入 DeFi 场景当中,完成募资方和投资 者的交接。

主持人:That’s amazing! Next Question! From VIOLET @iamzeasli

Most investors are only interested in the immediate benefits rather than the real long-term value of the project. How can you convince investors to invest in your platform over the long term?

太棒了!下一个问题!从VIOLET @iamzeasli大多数投资者只对项目的直接收益感兴趣,而不对项目的真正长期价值感兴趣。 您如何说服投资者长期投资于您的平台?

Kenny C: Ok well, we must let investors see what we can offer in the long term! Personally I believe investors are willing to look for long term investment. I mean it’s really tiring to keep hopping from one basket to another constantly right?好吧,我们必须让投资者看到我们可以长期提供的产品! 我个人认为投资者愿意寻求长期投资。 我的意思是不断地从一个篮子跳到另一个篮子,难道不累吗?

We use our concrete plans backed with solid asset and combine with technology to make it even juicier.User experience is very important, when our gamefi platform is out, give it a try! It will definitely bring huge value to players, converting them into our loyal fanbase

我们使用以坚实资产为后盾的具体计划,并与技术相结合,使其变得更加多汁。用户体验非常重要,当我们的gamefi平台推出后,请尝试一下! 它将为玩家带来巨大的价值,将他们转变为我们忠实的粉丝群。

主持人:Fourth question for second part DEVARA @R7Clover

What are the future plans for Lebond Finance Project ? Do you have any exciting things down the pipeline that you can share?第二部分的第四个问题DEVARA @ R7Clover

Lebond Finance项目的未来计划是什么? 您有什么可以分享的激动人心的东西吗?

Kenny C:For the marketing and exchanges, we have several options lined out already which will be announced very soon! 对于市场营销和交易所,我们已经列出了几种选择,这些选择将很快宣布!

For Le Bond Finance fund-raising, we are open to private-sale right now and anyone love to participate can join VirgoX IEO and also contact us is fine.

对于Le Bond Finance的募资活动,我们现在可以公开发售,任何热爱参与的人都可以加入VirgoX IEO,也可以与我们联系。

For cooperation, Le Bond Tower is just the first case of Le Bond Finance and we are getting more real assets into our ecosystem. And for Le Bond Tower, we are working with Porsche, there will be certain cooperation lined out!

对于合作而言,Le Bond Tower只是Le Bond Finance的第一例,我们正在将更多的实际资产纳入我们的生态系统。 对于Le Bond Tower,我们正在与保时捷合作,将会进行某些合作!

主持人: Wow looking forward to that! Noyonvai @Noyonvai9 Why Lebond_Finance chosen and interest in VirgoX_exchange?哇期待! Noyonvai @ Noyonvai9为什么选择Lebond_Finance并对VirgoX_exchange感兴趣?

Kenny C:Virgox is an amazing partner for us! Firstly Virgox is one of the team that  understand NFT the most and also have the most passion to explore the new trend in blockchain sphere. VirgoX对我们来说是一个特别棒的合作伙伴!首先,Virgox是最了解NFT的团队之一,也最热衷于探索区块链领域的新趋势。

Most exchanges just don’t get it and just follow the trend. That’s not we see in Virgox. Besides, Virgox has shown the biggest sincerity for helping us with promotion and community building. That’s fantastic partner for us.大多数交易所都不太了解,而是顺应潮流,那不是我们在VirgoX中看到的。此外,Virgox在帮助我们进行推广和社区建设方面表现出最大的诚意。 对我们来说,这是绝佳的合作伙伴。

主持人: Thanks Kenny! 谢谢Kenny!

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